70s And 80s Mobile Phones

Although mobile telephones have existed in some fashion or another since the 1950s, these were primarily 2 way radios with a phone operator on the stationary end. The first mobile telephones as we now know them emerged in the 1970s, with the emergence of six sided ‘cell’ transmitters and automated handover technology, which allowed you to carry on a phone call from one transmitter zone to the next without the need to re-dial. Most transportable on the market at this point were incredibly bulky and heavy, and at first, were only made available as a permanent installation in a sizable vehicle, which is why they were often referred to as being ‘car phones’. However, manufacturers soon converted these units into self-contained ‘transportable’ phones, which were about the size of a briefcase.

The first public demonstration of transportable mobile phone technology came on the third of April, 1973, when an employee of Motorola, Dr. Martin Cooper called his rival at AT&T Bell, Dr. Joel S. Engel on a prototype Motorola DynaTAC mobile telephone, while walking the streets of New York surrounded by a gaggle of reporters and cameramen. At this point, Motorola was better known for making two-way radios for taxis, police cruisers, and haulage trucks, rather than telecoms, so this represented a major coup for the firm.

Nowadays, mobile phones are so ubiquitous that network providers can afford to give away state of the art handsets for free with their monthly subscriptions. But it’s easy to forget that it was not so long ago that mobile phones as we now know them weren’t available at all.

The first trial of a commercial mobile telecommunications network, Bell Laboratories’ AMPS system, took place in Chicago in 1978. However, the FCC did not approve this system nationally until 1982, which meant that Japanese electronics firm NET were able to steal a march on Bell when they launched their NMT network in Japan in 1979. In 1981 the network was expanded to include Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Although the AMPS network went online in 1982, it wasn’t until the following year that the first commercially available handheld mobile telephone, the Motorola Dyna 8000X, was released in the US. Mobile phone networks, consisting of an array of low-power transmitters placed relatively close to each other, linked by automated handover protocols, began to turn up everywhere as the eighties went on. At this point, all systems relied upon analogue technology, which severely restricted the amount of mobile telephones that could be in use in any one area. When these networks were changed over to digital in the early 90s, it was the end for analogue phone technology, which over time has come to be referred to as 1G, or first generation, mobile phone technology.

How To Seduce Women In A Gym – Everything You Need To Know!

Alright guys, sit back, get something to drink, and relax because your about to learn how you can seduce women in a gym!

Now, what would keep you from seducing a woman in a gym? For most guys the problem would be just going over there and talking to her. This is called approach anxiety and its very understandable, yet you won’t get anywhere if you don’t get over it. How can you expect to get a girl if you don’t talk to a girl?! Once you get this problem out of the way, you could practice seducing girls everywhere that your at, not just in a gym setting.

A lot of you guys are making New Years resolution’s and a great one would to be talking to every woman you find attractive and at least trying to seduce her. Like Michael Jordan said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. I think that anyone could start practicing to seduce women at their gym, but I don’t honestly think they’re going to do it on the first, second, or third try.

You have to look at seducing women (in any setting, although many things are the same) as a skillset your looking to acheive, rather than as “getting lucky”. When you picked up a video game, played it and lost all of your lives, what did you do? You pushed the reset button and tried again until you finally beat it. You’ll have to take this same kind of approach to seducing women at a gym(or anywhere else) if you want to do it consistently and successfully.

Now I know a lot of people want lines and tricks, and we’ll get to those, but you have to make a promise to yourself right now to keep trying to seduce women at the gym until you succeed. I want you to get a piece of paper and write down this sentence 30 times:

“I will keep trying to seduce women at the gym until I succeed”

Now draw a line at the bottom, and sign your signature right there on the line. Keep this piece of paper in your pocket whenever you go to the gym. If you lose it, or forget it, just make a new one. If you have a friend who wants to do this with you, it would be even better, as you could hold eachother accountable.

Ok, now here are a few little tips and tricks that will help things go more smoothly. Something i’ve tried before is going by a girl who is almost done and when she was getting up.

Me: Whoa, sit back down, you have a lot of work left to do! *very playful tone*
Her: You jerk! *punches arm, huge smile*

Now, make sure you only do this to girls with good bodies that clearly don’t “need a lot of work”, otherwise you’ll get slapped.

Here is one last tip for you to try out next time your practicing your seduction skills. If you see a girl who has amazing biceps, abs, or even breast (hey i’m all for being honest, but not obnoxious) give her a genuine compliment. Let the compliment flow out, don’t think about it at all just say exactly what you think. Almost every time you do this, you’ll get a girl who just starts beaming at you, fully attracted, and ready for you to make the next move.

Keep at this, and you’ll be able to answer your friends question of “how do you seduce a woman in a gym” in no time. Heck, you’ll even be able to give your tips and show him how its done!

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How To Increase Penis Size – 2 Top Techniques To Grow Penis Naturally And Permanently

Penis Enlargement is the ambition of every man. even he has a 7 inches long manhood still he wants to add extra inches to it. use a variety of methods to grow their organ.A man considers fully satisfactory penis size to be 9 or 10 inches, after that they don’t try to grow it more.The question arises now that how can you enlarge your penis?

How To Naturally Enlarge Your Penis

I suggest you to grow it naturally which is very possible goal, Why should you try for unsafe and harmful methods which can even destroy your manhood! Think your penis can even get screwed in the stretcher or pump. You can grow it longer and thicker naturally and permanently by two ways:

1. Penis Enlargement Exercise

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Stretching is used from decades as a technique to increase the size of your organ longer. Stretching devices are available in the market which grow your penis size noticeably and can work more than an hour. However if you get pain, swelling or rashes immediately consult your doctor.

2. Herbal Penis Enlargement Pills

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Satellite Downlink

A satellite is basically any object that revolves around a planet in a circular or elliptical path. The moon is Earth’s original, natural satellite, and there are many artificial satellites as well, usually closer to Earth. Although anything that is in orbit around Earth is technically a satellite, the term “satellite” is typically used to describe a useful object placed in orbit purposely to perform some specific mission or task. We commonly hear about weather satellites, communication satellites and scientific satellites.

There is a variety of satellite services, and it is wise to know the meaning of each satellite service:
Satellite Downlink Service – as a satellite is an object floating up in space, the transmission needs to be sent down to earth the process is called Downlink. The transmission is sent down to a ground station or receiver which receives the transmission and processes it.

Satellite Uplink Service – the uplink service is similar to the satellite downlink service, but as it sounds the transmission goes upward from the ground station to the satellite.

There are three kinds of frequency bands used for uplink & downlink satellite services, C band, Ku band and Ka band. The most popular frequency is C band.
Satellite uplink service and satellite downlink service are acquired mainly by television stations and telecommunication companies.

Satellite turnaround service – usually the transmission isn’t a direct one and it needs to be directed to the next destination. As the transmission travels in straight lines it needs to be turns around. Hence, the satellite turnaround service. There are 2 kinds of satellite turnaround service, permanent satellite turnaround service and occasional use satellite turnaround service. Satellite turnaround services are used mainly by television stations broadcasting globally.

Satellite SNG Service – SNG stands for Satellite News Gathering. SNG units are mobile broadcasting units which are used by TV stations for broadcasting from the field it is used for live events, news events, sports and entertainment, etc.
Satellite Engineering Service – satellites are technical, and there is a need for professional technical staff to take care of the dishes, stations and all the other units. The satellite engineers take care of all the technical aspects.

Satellite monitoring service – imagine huge control rooms filled with screens, each screen showing a different feed, a different channel, a different event. That is satellite monitoring service which allows anyone to follow any event or occurrence around the world.

Satellite Transmission Delay service – each country has its own time zone; there are countries with a few time zones. The satellite transmission delay service delays the transmission in order to suit it to the correct time zone of the target.

Each company should choose the package of satellite services which suits its needs. Some satellite companies add film and TV production services to complete a full package.